I was born in 1965 in a small town called Uddevalla, on the beautiful west-coast of Sweden.

I have been challenged with both mental and physical illnesses since an early age. Being an introvert, made art to be a good way to communicate my feelings safe. Only the medium has changed during the years from watercolor to photography and back again.
When I discovered Photography in my teens, I also discovered an important tool for healing. Working direct with light. Today I challenge the darkness from the Bipolar depression that lurks in the background with light and color. I get my inspire from nature mostly and sometimes other artists stire my feelings also.

My goal is to create inspiring, beautiful art and touching other peoples lives with it.I choose to work mainly with flowers because they are such a fantastic playground for my creative mind with their colors and shapes. Keeping a fresh eye is important to me. Intuition is my guide.

I don`t rely on Photoshop for creating my style. I just work intuitively with a handheld camera Canon EOS 5D Mark III and macro objective Canon EF 100/2,8 L IS , or the Lensbaby Composer, macro filters 4 and 10. Working with these macro objectives gives me the possible to create an intimate feeling that I embrace wholeheartedly.