The following quotes are from visitors to my website giving me their honors for my work.

Thank you so much;)
"For me, your photographs are profoundly moving, combining beautiful colour relationships with exquisite forms, and not forgetting the importance of the dark areas as a contrast to the life of colour."

Sir George F. Pollock Bt., M.A., F.R.P.S., F.R.S.A.

"Your photographs of flowers are some of the loveliest and most richly meaningful I have seen.   Instead of merely recording beautiful objects, your images convey the qualities of light and energy and movement of wondrous life forms – the essence of aliveness, the dynamic forces of being and becoming that all of existence shares.   Often literal depictions set up a sense of separation.  They focus one’s attention on the “other” and the differences the other represents.   They can stimulate admiration, even reverence and connection.  But they don’t offer a sense of intimate, flowing mutuality and the invitation to awareness that “this is also who I am”.  Your more abstract, impressionistic images do both."

Barbara Bullock-Wilson, daughter of photographers Wynn and Edna Bullock and managing member of Bullock Family Photography LLC.

Wynn Bullock Photography

"Katarina, of many artists who do macro, your works are unique in all respects.
You treat your compositions individually, your works spread power, emotions, energy;
They are not just beautiful floral compositions. This is why I respect your Art so much:)"

Danuta Antas, Founder deArte Gallery, Fine Art photographer and friend.

deArte Gallery
Danuta Antas Fine Art Photography

”The photographic images of Katarina Fagerstrom Levring appear as being subtly imbued within a dreamy, mellow atmosphere of romantic waltzing, which envelops your sense of vision and escort you through wonderlands of sheer delight!

At first glance there appear no loudness, no hints of utter attention in her work, and yet, each subject unmistakably whispers at your presence, to come closer and to share in their sublime season of life. These are images you will surely enjoy over and over again."

Solomon Walker founder and curator of Museum of Digital Fine Art (MODFA)

”Using only a digital camera and a creative lens, Katarina Fagerstom Levring creates powerful imagery reflecting the essence of the flower, a hint of beauty distorted without the use of photoshop and using only her lens.”

Photospecifier/Artspecifier, Joyce Creiger

"I can see the beauty of the tulip
I can also see the tulip morph into an image of spilt milk splashing as it falls
In fact this beautiful flower looks so good, like white chocolate and edible
Then I look closer and the flower looks like it is under water, in a beautiful reef, with fish swimming around it and beautiful reef coral amid the the flower as it sways in the water..
It is more than a photo of a Tulip , it is a truly living, moving, delicious, titillating Tulip
I will go and visit Katarina
Thankyou for this post and photo, my favourite so far"

Annie in Australia/